Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eatliz - Violently Delicate

If you had to sum up this amazing band in two words, then nothing does it better than the title of their debut release. Mashing the sounds of The Pixies, Fall of Troy, The Mars Volta and Bjork with strong pop and rock sensibilities, the Tel Aviv native 6-piece are a forced to be be reckoned with. Lee Triffon's vocals soar beautifully over the sonic tapestry laid down by a strong rhythm section of three guitars, bass and drums. The highlights of the album have to be the two singles, Hey and Attractive. Not only are they wonderful musically, but they are almost polar opposites. Attractive is very reminiscent of The Pixies at their best, with some funky sax thrown, while Hey defies classification. Not only that, but the video is mind blowing. Seriously, everyone should give these guys a listen.
Eatliz - Violently Delicate (4.5/5)

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